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Touch screens voted out. - Watchdog VA

About Touch screens voted out.

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From luguvalium:

Touch screens voted out

A General Assembly committee has approved a measure that would require Virginia to slowly phase out the touch-screen voting machines on which most Virginians vote.

The measure would require localities to replace the machines with optical scan machines when they wear out or when additional voting equipment is needed.

The Senate Privileges and Elections Committee approved 13-2 the phase-out measure, sponsored by Sen. Jeannemarie Devolites Davis.

Barbara Cockrell, deputy secretary of the State Board of Elections, said 104 of 134 Virginia localities use the touch-screen machines. Those localities include Richmond, Henrico County, Fairfax, Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

In the Richmond area, Chesterfield and Hanover counties use the optical scan equipment.

The touch-screen machines have run afoul of a nationwide, grassroots movement to require paper trails in balloting. The optical scan machines leave paper, the touch-screen machines do not.

Contact your state Senator and Delegate if you think this is a good idea. Full text and votes on Senate Bill 840 can be found here.
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